Welcome to AP Rail & Civil Engineering

AP Rail & Civil Engineering is a client-focused organisation that combines know-how excellence, innovative problem-solving with attention for details and efficient and safe delivery of the works on every project.

Our Values

We are guided in our daily work by values that we believe in. The three essential values, which form part of the foundation of our business, are:


Professional excellence ensures lasting success.

We learn, we perform, we succeed.

Continuous learning, high performance and personal commitment are the sources for our professional excellence.

We strive to achieve excellence in expertise, processes and leadership. We concentrate on our goals and find synergies to ensure we are amongst the front-runners in the market. Our aim is to foster professional development to generate long-term profitability.


Spirit of change for continuous development.

We explore, we move, we grow.

Pro-active mobility and openness to change are the basis of our strength. We explore development potential and take courageous decisions to create business opportunities in our selected markets through new ideas, successful technologies and profitable growth. Our focus is the combination of economic success with the best engineering solutions for today and tomorrow.

We looked closely at the business case for corporate responsibility for our industry and our place in the value chain. We benchmarked ourselves against other similar companies, and ran a number of workshops with key managers and stakeholders inside the company to develop key performance indicators.

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Email: enquires@aprail.co.uk Telephone: 0208 930 4057