Who we are

AP Rail & Civil Engineering Ltd is an innovative and dynamic company that specializes in minor civil engineering projects. We like to say that "we are a very young company with an old soul".

As a young company with an 'old work ethic' we only supply the best people all of whom understand the importance of getting the job done safely and on time. Every time our priority in the labour supply market is to deliver individuals and/or teams who are trained in the specific competences and meet rigorous industry standards and are able to deliver each scope of works safely to programme and to specification on a consistent basis.

Owned and managed by rail industry dedicated professionals with a wide experience of delivering the best solutions to our clients and partners, AP Rail & Civil Engineering has an various portfolio of projects which recommend us as the best solution for our clients because they need assurance that their projects are procured safely and predictably.

Strong reputation, delivery of results, and high standards are the keys to our success. Our clients feel we are here to meet their interests and to help them grow to their maximum potential. Our clients entrust us with the execution, people and issues – ensuring that deadlines are met, costs are controlled and success is delivered.

We pride ourselves on the efficient delivery of the works at every stage of the project to ensure cost savings for our client. We are aware of change and notify opportunities to our client in a timely fashion.

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