Environmental Responsibility

Environmental issues are managed vertically and horizontally across the whole organization. They are taken into account at specific stages in the decision-making process at company level as well as in the different businesses. Line managers receive advice on environmental matters from their SQE advisors and experts.

We are committed to minimize our impacts on the environment and to decrease the carbon intensity of our operations, products, and services. Our environmental management directive, standards, targets, and performance measurements constitute a Company-wide framework for continuous improvement.

Our efforts are focused on achieving continuous improvement in our environmental performance, by doing what we do more efficiently, developing pioneering new processes and more sustainable practices, and also working in partnership with others to help them achieve their environmental goals.

We hold ourselves accountable for sharing environmental and technical knowledge throughout the business, to improve our overall performance.

Environmental management at AP Rail & Civil Engineering is based on a precautionary approach and proactive management aimed at minimizing environmental impacts. Climate protection measures at production sites, the quality of AP Rail & Civil Engineering products, and support for alternative energy sources all play a key role.

Company requirements for environmental management processes are defined in the Environmental Management Policy. It links the high-level principles set out in the AP Rail & Civil Engineering Health & Safety and Environment Policies, in other directives, with implementation at the operational level. To ensure the integration of environmental management processes in the core business, the directive is linked to other business processes such as investments, strategy development, planning, budgeting, and purchasing. Detailed environmental standards are defined at the level of business segments and sites, according to the specifics of the respective business activities.

The system is also Link - up Supplier Registered and Qualified.

Our environmental policy can be viewed in full here.