In order to minimize the impact of the FTN program works have on the environment, has lately adopted an alternative way to build the sites by installing piles where the sites features allow us to do that.

We have specially trained operatives to perform this kind of works, they having relevant qualifications awarded by Screw Fast Foundations Ltd and FLI Structures Ltd.

Piles can be used in all situations where piled foundations would be specified. Piles can be used in both tension and compression which makes them suitable for many industrial and commercial applications such as masts, large signs, retaining structures, houses and portal arch buildings where uplift and twisting resistance is required. As the piles displace the soil there is no spoil generated thus no costly removal from site. They are highly suitable for temporary structures and can be easily uninstalled.

Steel foundations became increasingly popular in many major industry sectors due to the numerous benefits that are realised by avoiding the use of concrete:

  • Significant reduction of project construction time
  • Reduced risk and inconvenience to public
  • Ease of installation; reduced plant and workers
  • Remote locations reached
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Eradicate dig and dump mentality
  • Ease of demolition; foundation quickly and easily unscrewed

Sheet piling

Steel sheet pile walls are constructed by driving steel sheets into a slope or excavation. Their most common use is within temporary deep excavations. They are considered to be most economical where retention of higher earth pressures of soft soils is required.

We have the know-how, experience and specialists to undertake this type of works creating the environment to deliver our jobs on time, safely and cost efficient.