Our Responsibilities

Safety culture starts with a strong commitment by senior management. Throughout the Company, safety experts advise managers on how to ensure workplace safety and keep improving it. Ultimately, all our employees are responsible for contributing to a safe work environment, whether in the operating sites or in the office. Everyone is expected to report and discuss hazardous behaviours or conditions.

As professionals we are committed to fully integrating social and environmental awareness into our decision-making processes and management systems. To achieve this, AP Rail & Civil Engineering adheres to international standards and examples of best business practices. We monitor and assess the potential impacts, both direct and indirect, of our business activities on the local environment and community, and look for solutions to mitigate them. In our relationship with our employees, professional management ensures high occupational health and safety standards. Supporting personnel development is extremely important to AP Rail & Civil Engineering because we want to be an employer of choice. And finally, we act on our responsibility to give back to society.

AP Rail & Civil Engineering requires everyone who acts on our behalf to comply with our values and rules of behaviour which are clearly set out in AP Rail & Civil Engineering's Staff Responsibilities.

The company recognises that Safety and the Environment Quality is the responsibility of all its personnel and that the effective application of the operations manual will depend on the awareness of everybody in its application, combined with their own underpinning knowledge, expertise and commitment.

The nature of the Company's activities places particular emphasis on safety and on the experience, capability and quality of its personnel. However, this is not achievable without the commitment of the Managing Director in ensuring that the aims and objectives of our own management policy are achieved.