Health and Safety Policy

"Safety is a top priority for AP Rail & Civil Engineering. Our ultimate goal is to have zero accidents. The responsibility for achieving it lies with each and every one of us."

Health, safety and security matters are as important to AP Rail & Civil Engineering as other critical business issues. The high-level performance and management objectives we set in these areas are summed up in our Health & Safety Policy, which is based on national standards. The Health & Safety Policy applies throughout the Company. We also expect our contractors and joint venture partners to fulfil its aims and requirements.

Everyone who works with AP Rail & Civil Engineering should return home in good mental and physical health.

  • All accidents can be prevented.
  • The health of our employees is promoted by continuous improvement of their physical, psychological, and social working conditions.

All workplaces and processes must be safe and secure for AP Rail & Civil Engineering, its stakeholders and the environment.

  • Keeping risks as low as reasonably practicable is a priority.
  • We apply the best available economically viable technology.

Health & Safety matters have equal importance as all other critical business issues.

  • We strive for continuous improvement of our environmental, safety, and security standards.
  • We establish specific goals based on national performance standards, and measure our progress on a regular basis.
  • We actively strive to minimize our impacts on the environment, to participate in climate protection measures, and to support alternative energy sources.

Health & Safety Policy is a line management responsibility.

  • We expect commitment and leadership from our line managers.
  • All our employees are expected to play an active role in Health & Safety Policy and be competent in Health & Safety matters.
  • We require our contractors to adhere to our policies and standards.

The Management of AP Rail and Civil Engineering Limited consider his obligations in respect of safety, quality and environmental management to be of equal importance. Consequently they ensure that all reasonably practicable measures are implemented to ensure for the continuing health, safety and welfare of employees and other parties who may be affected by their operations and allocates the resources necessary to ensure full implementation of this policy. The Management can affirm this commitment to continuous improvement. The company will comply with all Construction and Railway Group Standards as well as other relevant current legislation and our client’s contractual requirements.

Our Health and Safety Policy can be viewed in full here.
Our Drug and Alcohol Policy can be viewed in full here.