What we do

Currently providing skilled labour to both the private and public sectors of the construction industry, we pride ourselves on safety and quality and this is underpinned by our highly skilled workforce who are trained and certificated to Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), Construction Plant Certification Scheme (CPCS) and National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs).

We have vast experience of:

  • FTN cable route including vegetation clearance, ballast clearance, lift and relay of SCT route, installation of SCT and GRP/GRC routes, route support and cable installation;
  • Installations of signalling or signal telephone concrete and prefabricated bases;
  • Building bases for REB and Masts using different solutions as:
    1. Traditional concrete bases for masts, towers, TEH cabinets and telephone posts;
    2. Rapid Deployment Sites (RDS), and;
    3. Piling Sites.
  • Installation of sheet piling;
  • Installation of retaining walls;
  • Various jobs in Thameslink project;
  • Other works as: installing ARMCO barriers, installing prefabricated bases for DC and DNO cabinets, installing DC and DNO cabinets;
  • Assisting our partners with installation of REBís, masts and towers by specially trained peoples.

We are the preferred sub contractor to two of the principal contractors' on the FTN GSM-R project and have been involved in this project for over three years. We have also worked on several contracts involving installation of PSP bases including Gabion, Block and Brick retaining structures.

For further information, contact us at: email: enquires@aprail.co.uk or telephone: 0208 9528 922